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About us (and our love story)

Hello there! We’re Iban and Oxana, a pair of hopeless romantics with a passion for adventure and a shared love for the charm and diversity of Europe. We’re a French-Russian duo that decided to defy convention, tie the knot abroad, and weave a wedding tale with a twist. We got married on the idyllic island of Sicily, Italy—a land steeped in romance, history, and unparalleled beauty. But why, you may ask, did we make such a choice?

Well, it’s simple. We love travel—it’s what brought us together, and we felt it should be what brings our families together as well. Pierre hails from France, the land of amour, cheese, and wine, while Katya is from Russia, a country famed for its resilience, balalaika, and of course, vodka. Despite our distinct cultural backgrounds, our love story was as much a journey as the voyages we embark upon. Marrying in either of our home countries seemed too familiar, too easy. We desired a shared adventure, a location that held the promise of discovery for both of us and our loved ones.

Sicily, with its tranquil azure seas, captivating history, and passionate people, seemed like the perfect choice. And oh, was it a day to remember! We exchanged vows under the warm Sicilian sun, with the scent of the Mediterranean Sea mixed with the intoxicating perfume of blooming citrus groves. It was a magical, surreal day—a day that was uniquely ours.

Our wedding was an embodiment of our love story, a blend of culture, passion, and adventure, just as we had dreamt it would be. But it wasn’t easy. There were plenty of challenges that came with organizing a wedding abroad, especially in a foreign language. We navigated tricky bureaucratic processes, cultural differences, and logistical hurdles. But through it all, we realized how wonderful, enriching, and memorable such an experience could be. It was then we decided to create this blog.

We believe love stories are as diverse as the people in them. Every couple deserves to celebrate their union in a way that truly represents them. And for those who dream of a destination wedding in Europe, whether it’s in a quiet Tuscan villa, by the mystical Irish cliffs, or in a Spanish vineyard, we’re here to guide you, inspire you, and help make your dream a reality.

We offer practical advice, personal anecdotes, and valuable insights into planning a wedding abroad. Our hope is to create a supportive community for couples who wish to celebrate their love in a unique, adventurous, and meaningful way.

So join us in this exciting journey. Let’s create stories that resonate, memories that last, and weddings that truly reflect the beauty of love. Welcome to our blog!

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