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The best wedding venues in Italy

Your Dream Wedding in Italy

Is Italy the best place on Earth to get married? It might just be.
Imagine exchanging vows under the glistening Italian sun, surrounded by landscapes that have inspired poets and painters for centuries. Picture your wedding reception meal with exquisite Italian cuisine and wine. Imagine your party guests blissfully dancing under the olive trees…

You get the picture. A destination wedding in Italy offers a blend of romance, tradition, and la dolce vita that is unparalleled. And that is why it’s one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world.

Therefore, if you too are looking for the most breath-taking wedding locations for your special day, Italy is the right place to go. Plus, this country has it all: the sea, the mountains, the lakes, the islands, the plains, and even volcanoes! You will definitely find your perfect wedding resort in Italy.

(Full disclosure: we’re totally biased. Back in 2019, we also had our Italian wedding reception. And let me tell you: that is still one of the happiest moments of our lives!)

What are the best places to get married in Italy?

From rustic vineyards to majestic villas, Italy’s wedding venues are as varied as they are stunning. So if you’re wondering where to get married in Italy, keep on reading. We selected the top 7 regions with the best wedding places in Italy.

1. Tuscany – The Heart of Romance

Famous for its art cities like Florence and Siena, Tuscany is a sonnet written on the earth itself. In this region every vista is a masterpiece. Undulating hills, vineyards… Tuscany is simply a symbol of Italian beauty.

Why Tuscany is a great choice for your wedding in Italy:

  • Good access: Tuscany is well-connected by airports in Florence and Pisa. Alternatively, you and your guests can also reach it in 3 hours by car if you’re coming from Rome
  • Perfect for sightseeing: Rich in art, history, and culture — ideal for wedding guests to explore.
  • Perfectly safe: Locals are welcoming and crime rates are low.
  • Amazing cuisine: Offers a plethora of gastronomic delights, from Chianti wines to truffle-infused dishes.
  • Unique venues: Host a wedding in a historic villa or a medieval castle, each with tales of yore.

Why Tuscany might be not for you:

  • Somewhat pricey: Prime locations come with a premium price tag, especially in peak season. However, you can still find affordable options if you look well.
  • Not for a summer or a winter wedding: The region enjoys a mild climate, with ample sunny days perfect for a wedding. Nonetheless, beware that summers can be hot while the weather in winter is unpredictable.
  • Venue access: Some rural locations in the Tuscan countryside may be challenging to reach without private transport.

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Wedding in Tuscany Italy

2: Amalfi Coast – The Jewel of the Mediterranean Sea

The Amalfi Coast‘s natural beauty is dazzling with breathtaking views: cliffside villages, azure sea… This region is definitely one of the best wedding locations Italy has to offer. Plus, being close to the sea, you have some fish options for your wedding reception menu, too. (You should definitely try Polpo alla Luciana with the octopus!)

Why choose the Amalfi Coast for your wedding:

  • Uniqueness: Sea views and terraced gardens provide a spectacular backdrop for your big day.
  • Sightseeing: From the ruins of Pompeii, to the buzzing city of Naples, to the chic boutiques of Positano, to the beautiful islands of Sorrento and Capri. You and your guests will not be disappointed.
  • Cuisine: Seafood and limoncello are a feast for the senses.

What you need to consider if you get married on the Amalfi Coast:

  • Cost: The Amalfi Coast is one of the pricier regions. However, if you’re looking to host a small private wedding, you’ll definitely find the perfect location (as did we).
  • Access: Traveling from Naples International Airport to the Amalfi Coast is totally possible. Nonetheless, the winding coastal roads can be daunting for guests. On the plus side, you can also make it more romantic by taking a boat to some of the destinations.
  • Climate: Summer crowds may impact the tranquility of a wedding.
  • Security: High-end services ensure a safe experience. However, if you’re staying in Naples, make sure your car is parked in a secure parking lot. Just to be on the safe side.
Wedding on Amalfi Coast Italy

3. Lake Como – The Essence of Elegance

Lake Como, a jewel nestled in the Lombardy region, is the epitome of elegance and tranquility. Here the Alpine breeze meets Italian charm, creating an ambiance of sophisticated serenity. In Lake Como, every moment feels like a scene from a classic romance film.

The lake, surrounded by green mountains and fancy houses, is a popular spot for wealthy people to relax. And of course, Como is also a fancy place for tying the knot.

Why marry on Lake Como in Italy?

  • Easy Access: Lake Como is conveniently located an hour’s drive from Milan. With its international airports, Milan is the excellent connection place for your guests flying in from abroad.
  • Picturesque Scenery: The lake provides a stunning natural scenery for weddings. Do you want a boat entrance for the bride and groom? Or a photoshoot straight from a fairy tale? Como has everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and more.
  • Maximum security: Lake Como is known for its luxury, unique charm and calm.
  • Delicious Food: The area is famous for its subtle tastes, such as fresh lake fish, risotto, and high-quality Lombard wines.
  • Exclusive Venues: Choose from grand villas with botanical gardens, historic estates, or luxury hotels with exquisite views.
  • Consider the season: Winters can get cold and wet around here. So the best time for your ceremony and reception is from late spring to early autumn.

Why Lake Como might not be the right destination for your wedding:

  • Price: Lake Como is a fancy place that can come with a cost, so it’s better if you have a flexible budget.
  • Limited Privacy: Popular spots around the lake can attract tourists, which might affect privacy during the wedding season. You should opt for private villas if you’re looking for 100% seclusion.
Wedding on Lake Como in Italy

4. Venice – A Symphony of Timeless Love

Venice is the most romantic city with its canals, old bridges, and gondolas floating on the Adriatic Sea. The city is a marvel filled with history. Hidden alleys, ancient churches, and palazzos all hold the stories of the Venetian Republic’s glory. In Venice, every « I do » is a pledge made in the presence of history, art, and the serene grandeur of the city’s canals.

The pros of getting married in Venice:

  • Enchanting Places: From the Doge’s Palace to hidden Venetian gardens, the venues here are full of history and splendor.
  • Enjoy a sensory experience with Venetian cuisine. Include a variety of seafood dishes in your menu, beautifully paired with the famous prosecco or bellini.
  • Amazing photo shoots: Every picture taken here is stunning because of the beautiful architecture in the city.
  • Unique atmosphere : the combination of art, music, and water would bring a unique and elegant touch to any wedding ceremony.

The cons of a Venice wedding:

  • Cost: Venice weddings can be expensive, especially in historic venues because of the city’s popularity and charm.
  • Climate: It can get pretty cold in winter, up to the point where it can start snowing. There can also be floods in the city between October and January. So keep that in mind when setting the date for your Venice wedding.
  • Tourist Footfall: Venice is one of the most visited cities in the world. Combine it with its relatively small size, and you know privacy can be a challenge. So maybe aim for the low season when you’re planning your wedding.
  • Accessibility : Guests who are not familiar with the city’s complex layout may find it difficult to navigate its maze-like structure. However, this can also add an adventurous element to their experience. For instance, imagine the bride and groom entrance in a beautifully adorned gondola, just how amazing is that?
Wedding in Venice

5. Sicily – A Mosaic of Cultures and Colors

Sicily is the soul of the Mediterranean. Here, the air is rich with the scent of orange blossoms and the sea sparkles under the Sicilian sun. From the busy streets of Palermo to the majestic ruins of ancient Greek temples, this island is a tapestry of history and nature.

Why choose Sicily for your destination wedding:

  • Diverse Venues: Whether you dream of a wedding by the sea, surrounded by the grandeur of Baroque palaces, or amidst the ancient ruins, Sicily offers a dramatic range of locations.
  • Culinary Excellence: The Sicilian table is a feast of flavors, with fresh seafood, and the sweet delight of cannoli, perfect for wedding banquets.
  • Culture : Sicily has a rich culture that goes back thousands of years, with lots of sightseeing places around the island.

What you should consider before getting married in Sicily:

  • Seasonal Crowds: Summer brings tourists in droves, which can mean crowded venues and higher prices.
  • Climate Extremes: While the island is beautiful year-round, the summers can be a bit extreme.

Travel Complexity: Sicily is served by multiple airports, including those in Palermo and Catania, plus a ferry connection to mainland Italy. Nonetheless, traveling to more secluded venues may require a bit of planning.

Wedding in Sicily

6. Puglia – The Undiscovered Jewel of the Adriatic

Puglia, Italy’s sun-bleached heel, is an enchanting blend of stark white trulli houses, ancient olive groves, and azure seas. Here, the Adriatic and the Ionian seas meet, crafting a coastline that is as diverse as it is beautiful, with sandy bays and rugged cliffs. This region is the perfect wedding destination for those seeking something off the beaten path.

Why makes Puglia a great choice for your wedding in Italy:

  • Unique Venues: Puglia offers a treasure trove of unique venues, from renovated masserias (farmhouses) to trulli villages, creating a truly authentic Italian wedding experience.
  • Culinary Heritage: The region is famous for its olive oil, orecchiette pasta, and succulent seafood? Lots of local dishes that will elevate your wedding menu.
  • Cultural Immersion: Puglia’s rich tapestry of history provides a backdrop of Norman castles, Byzantine icons, and Romanesque churches.
  • Secluded and Serene: With somewhat fewer tourists, Puglia promises a more intimate and personal celebration..

What you should consider before tying the knot in Puglia?

  • Seasonal Limitations: The best time for a wedding is from late spring to early autumn, as some venues may not operate during the off-peak season.
  • Weather Variability: Summer temperatures are high, and while the sea breeze is refreshing, it may not suit everyone.
  • Accessibility: While Puglia feels a world away, it is well-connected with airports in Bari and Brindisi. However, some of the most charming venues are nestled in the countryside, so your guests will need a car.
Wedding in Puglia

7. Sardinia – Where Wild Beauty Meets Timeless Tradition

Sardinia is an island that dances to the rhythm of the waves and the whispers of history. This is a place where the emerald sea kisses rugged coastlines, and ancient nuraghi (stone towers) overlook awe-inspiring landscapes. In Sardinia, you can have a wedding that feels like a step back in time, set against a canvas of Mediterranean blues and greens.

The upsides of Sardinia as a wedding destination:

  • Breathtaking Scenery: From the mountainous interior to the stunning beaches of Costa Smeralda, Sardinia’s natural beauty provides a dramatic and unforgettable backdrop for any wedding.
  • Cultural Richness: Sardinia’s culture is distinct from mainland Italy. In here, you can find unique wedding traditions that can add an extraordinary touch to your ceremony.
  • Delightful cuisine: The local cuisine offers a unique take on Italian flavors. For instance, dishes such as porceddu (suckling pig) and culurgiones (stuffed pasta) are sure to delight your guests.
  • Secluded Privacy: Many venues offer exclusive privacy, allowing for a wedding celebration that is both intimate and personal.

The downsides of Sardinia as your wedding venue in Italy:

  • Limited Season: The ideal wedding season in Sardinia is between May and September. Outside of these months, options may be more limited as some venues close for the off-season.
  • Cost: Some areas, particularly the glamorous Costa Smeralda, can be expensive due to their luxury offerings and international fame.
  • Travel Logistics: Despite its secluded feel, Sardinia is accessible via international airports in Cagliari, Olbia, and Alghero. Yet while the main cities are well-connected, some of the more secluded beaches and countryside locations may require careful planning for transport.

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Wedding in Sardinia Italy

Conclusion: Choosing the right Italian wedding venue

After exploring the country’s romantic heart, it’s clear Italy offers a venue for every taste. Here’s our take on the best region for your symbolic ceremony:

  • Most Popular: Tuscany reigns, with its quintessential Italian landscape.
  • Most Picturesque: The Amalfi Coast with its dramatic cliffs and sparkling waters.
  • Easiest to Get to: Lombardy’s Lake Como, with Milan’s international airports.
  • Most Iconic: Venice with its historical and architectural grandeur.
  • Cheapest: Puglia with the best value for its charming farmhouses and coastal views.
  • Most Original: Sardinia with a blend of beach and tradition, and its own twist on Italian culture.
  • Most Dramatic: Sicily with its baroque churches and vestiges of Greek temples.


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