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Cost breakdown for a Greek island wedding

Embarking on the journey of marital bliss is a beautiful phase, but when it comes to planning the big day, the financial aspect can often seem daunting. Opting for a Greek island wedding is a romantic and picturesque choice, offering a blend of stunning vistas, warm breezes, and a touch of ancient charm. However, the price tag attached to this dreamy setup can trigger a whirlpool of budgeting anxieties. Fear not, as we are about to dive deep into the crystal clear waters of cost estimation, ensuring you glide smoothly through the budgeting process. Let’s untangle the knots of wedding expenses and sail smoothly towards your big day on one of the charming Greek islands.

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Discover your dream venue and cosy accommodation

The first and foremost consideration in planning your Greek island wedding is the selection of the venue. The costs of the ceremony and reception venues can vary widely based on the island, the capacity, and the popularity of the venue.

For instance, hiring a ceremony venue can cost anywhere between €500 to €2000, and a reception venue may range from €1500 to €3000 depending on various factors such as the location and the number of guests you plan to host​​.

Accommodation for you and your guests is another significant factor to consider. The cost of accommodation can fluctuate based on the island, the type of lodging, and the duration of stay. While luxurious options offer a more comfortable and exquisite experience, there are also budget-friendly choices available that do not compromise on the charm and beauty of the Greek islands.

Which Greek island to choose?

Based on the general pricing trends, Mykonos and Santorini (photo) are often cited as the more expensive Greek islands, particularly when it comes to accommodation and dining. The luxurious aura, high-end hotels, and upscale restaurants contribute to the higher costs on these islands​.

On the other hand, islands like Andros are known for being more affordable while still offering a beautiful Greek island experience. Andros, being less touched by mass tourism compared to its neighbors Mykonos and Santorini, presents a more budget-friendly option without compromising on the picturesque landscapes and delightful Greek cuisine​​.

Other affordable islands include Rhodes, which despite its popularity, remains a cheaper destination to visit, especially for beach enthusiasts and history buffs​​. In general, the cost of accommodation and dining on these less touristy islands is lower, and budget hotels are more readily available across a range of islands including Chania, Heraklio, and others​​.

Essential captures: Photography and videography

Photography and videography are vital to capturing the memories of your special day. The cost for these services can vary widely based on the expertise of the professionals you hire and the duration of their services. Photography costs can range from €800 to €3500, and videography services can be priced between €500 and €3500​​.

Catering is another crucial aspect of your wedding day. The costs for catering can vary based on the type of menu you choose and the number of guests you have. On average, catering services per person could range from €50 to €120 depending on the menu choices and whether it’s a sit-down or a buffet-based menu​.

Navigating legal and administrative waters

Planning a wedding, especially in a destination as special as a Greek island, can be a complex endeavour. Hiring a wedding planner can ease the process significantly. The cost for wedding planning and design services may range from €1200 to €3000 depending on the size of the wedding, the number of wedding planners needed, and other factors​​.

Additionally, there might be legal fees and other administrative costs associated with organizing a wedding in Greece. These costs can include document translation and legalization, among others. It’s advisable to have a clear understanding of these costs to avoid any surprises later on.

Ignite the fun: Entertainment and extra touches

Music and entertainment are pivotal in making your wedding celebration lively and enjoyable. The costs for DJ services may vary from €500 to €2000 depending on the duration of service and the equipment required​​. If you fancy a spectacular display, fireworks can be arranged with costs ranging from €500 to €2000 depending on the show’s duration and the location​​.

Moreover, floral decor and other aesthetic embellishments will contribute to making your wedding visually enchanting. The costs for floral decor can range from €600 to €3000 based on the size of the wedding and the quantity of flowers required​.

Unveil your beauty: Bridal beauty services

Looking your best on your big day is of paramount importance. Beauty services including makeup, hairstyling, and nails are essential. The costs for these services can range from €200 to €500 depending on the experts you choose to work with​​.

The overall cost of a Greek island wedding is influenced by a myriad of factors. The choices you make in each category, the island you choose, and the number of guests you invite will all contribute to the final cost. It’s always advisable to consult with wedding planners or venues directly for the most accurate pricing. The charm and beauty of a Greek island wedding are unparalleled, and with careful planning and budgeting, your dream wedding in Greece can become a reality.


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