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How to organise the perfect post-wedding brunch

Tying the knot is a big deal, right? But who says the fun has to stop when the last dance winds down at the reception? Enter the post-wedding brunch – the chill, next-day get-together that’s becoming all the rage among modern couples. Think of it as the cool-down session after the big party, where you get to hang out with your favourite people a bit longer, especially those who’ve come from far and wide to celebrate with you.

So, why not keep the good times rolling with a laid-back brunch? It’s the perfect chance to relive the highlights of your big day, nurse any party-induced ailments with some good food, and share a laugh or two before everyone heads back to reality. Whether you’re envisioning a cosy garden affair, a chic city brunch, or a breezy beachside gathering, we’ve got you covered with the lowdown on how to throw a post-wedding brunch that’s as unforgettable as your wedding. Let’s dive into the world of post-wedding brunches – think of this as your go-to guide for planning a day-after feast that’s all about good vibes, great food, and even better company.

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What is a post-wedding brunch?

So, what’s this buzz about a post-wedding brunch? Imagine this: The wedding day has flown by in a blur of emotions, dancing, and maybe a bit too much champagne. You’ve said your « I do’s, » partied under the stars, and now… it’s the morning after. You’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the magic, nor to the people who made it all worthwhile. That’s where a post-wedding brunch steps in. It’s this cool, casual gathering where you, the newly-weds, along with your close family and friends, come together for one last hoorah. It’s less about the pomp and all about the pancakes, if you will.

Think of it as the encore to your wedding performance. You get to relax, refuel, and recount the night’s escapades over a laid-back meal. Whether it’s in a sunlit garden, a cosy café, or your parents’ backyard, the setting is usually chill, making everyone feel right at home. There’s no strict dress code, no seating charts, and definitely no stress. Just good food, great company, and the glow of newly-wed bliss. It’s the perfect way to cap off the wedding festivities, giving everyone a chance to say their proper goodbyes and share one last toast to your future together. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity for those candid, post-wedding selfies with your squad!

Planning your post-wedding brunch

Diving deeper into planning your post-wedding brunch, let’s break it down into a more detailed, step-by-step guide that maintains our friendly and engaging tone.

Step 1: Picking the perfect venue

First things first, where’s this laid-back feast going to take place? The venue sets the tone for your brunch. It could be anywhere that feels right for you – maybe it’s a sunny terrace with views for days, a cosy spot at your favourite café, or even a picnic in the park. The key here is choosing a place that’s convenient for your guests, especially those who might be nursing a bit of a post-celebration fog. If you’ve got lots of out-of-towners, consider a spot near their accommodations. Remember, the vibe is key – you want somewhere that feels relaxed and welcoming, where everyone can kick back and enjoy themselves.

Step 2: Sorting out invites

Now, who’s coming? While you might want to shout from the rooftops and invite everyone you’ve ever met, the post-wedding brunch typically has a more intimate guest list. Think close family, the bridal party, and any guests who’ve travelled especially for the wedding. You don’t need to send out formal invites – a heads-up on the wedding invite or a friendly email will do just fine. Make sure to include all the crucial deets like the time, place, and any dress code notes (spoiler: « come as you are » is totally acceptable).

Step 3: Crafting the menu

Here’s the fun part – what’s on the menu? The post-wedding brunch is all about comfort food that soothes the soul (and maybe the head). Think light, refreshing bites and crowd-pleasers like pastries, fruit, eggs in every form, pancakes, and, of course, the brunch superstar – mimosas! Catering to different dietary needs is a must, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re doing a sit-down meal or a buffet-style spread, keep it simple and satisfying. And hey, why not throw in a coffee bar or a DIY bloody mary station to spice things up?

Step 4: Setting the scene

Decorations for your brunch don’t have to be over the top. You’re aiming for cosy and personal, not another wedding reception. Reuse florals from the day before, add some candid photos from the wedding (if you’ve got any on hand), and maybe a personalised touch or two to make it feel special. The goal is to create a warm, inviting space that encourages guests to relax and reminisce about the wedding day’s highlights.

Step 5: The finishing touches

Finally, it’s the little things that count. A chill playlist in the background, a few words of thanks from the happy couple, and maybe a parting gift as a memento of the weekend – these are the finishing touches that make your post-wedding brunch feel thoughtful and complete. It’s your last chance to make memories with your guests before everyone heads their separate ways, so make it count!

Mastering the finer points: What’s the etiquette for a post-wedding brunch?

Navigating the nuances of wedding brunch etiquette doesn’t have to be a headache. In fact, understanding a few key guidelines can ensure your post-wedding gathering is as smooth and enjoyable as your favourite latte. Let’s get into the finer details of making your wedding brunch not just an event, but an experience that’s cherished by all.

Who gets an invitation?

Figuring out your guest list for the brunch can seem like you’re trying to solve a complex puzzle. But here’s the deal: focus on intimacy and gratitude. The post-wedding brunch is ideally for those who’ve really gone the extra mile to be part of your big day—think close family, the bridal party, and out-of-town guests. It’s your chance to spend quality time with them in a more relaxed setting, where you can actually hear each other talk! You don’t need to invite every wedding guest, but make sure no one feels left out by being clear about the event from the get-go.

Timing and dress code

Timing is everything. A brunch usually kicks off late morning, giving everyone enough time to catch some Z’s after the wedding festivities. As for what to wear, think casual chic or smart casual. Let your guests know they can leave their formal attire at home and opt for something more comfortable. It’s all about creating a laid-back vibe where everyone can unwind and enjoy themselves.

Hosting with the mosting

As the hosts, you and your partner are the stars of the show, but this doesn’t mean you can’t mingle and enjoy your own party. Make sure to greet guests as they arrive, mingle, and personally thank them for being part of your wedding journey. It’s these small gestures that make the brunch feel intimate and special. And remember, while it’s your day (or weekend), it’s also about appreciating those around you.

The gift conundrum

Here’s the thing: gifts at a post-wedding brunch aren’t really a thing. Your guests have likely already given you a wedding gift, so don’t expect (or request) anything more. However, this is a perfect opportunity for you to hand out any thank-you gifts to your bridal party or family members who’ve been instrumental in making your wedding happen. It’s a thoughtful way to show your appreciation and wrap up the celebration on a high note.

Food for thought

While we’re on the subject of etiquette, let’s not forget about the brunch menu itself. Catering to a variety of tastes and dietary restrictions is key. Whether it’s gluten-free, vegan, or anything in between, ensuring there’s something for everyone shows thoughtfulness and care. Also, keep the atmosphere light and the service smooth—buffet, family-style, or plated service, choose what works best for your group size and venue.

Farewell and follow-up

As the brunch winds down, make it a point to bid farewell to your guests, thanking them once again for their love and support. After the event, consider sending out a quick message or a thank-you note to express your gratitude for their presence and any gifts received. It’s these final touches of appreciation that leave a lasting impression.

💡 Some ideas for your post-wedding brunch

Exploring creative ideas for your post-wedding brunch can turn this get-together into an unforgettable part of your wedding festivities. Here are some imaginative concepts to inspire your planning:

  • Themed brunches: Choose a theme that resonates with you as a couple, like a « Parisian Morning » with croissants and café au lait, or « Tropical Paradise » featuring fresh fruits and island-inspired dishes. A theme adds a fun twist and makes the menu and decor selection easier.
  • Interactive food stations: Set up a make-your-own mimosa bar or a pancake station with various toppings. It encourages guests to interact and customize their brunch experience, adding an element of fun and creativity.
  • Garden party: If the weather allows, host your brunch outdoors in a garden setting. Use nature as your backdrop, and enhance it with simple floral arrangements and string lights for a magical feel.
  • Live music: Hiring a small band or an acoustic guitarist can create a relaxed and enjoyable ambiance. Choose music that complements the mood and theme of your brunch.
  • Memory lane: Display photos of you and your partner throughout your relationship, including engagement photos and candid shots. It personalizes the space and gives guests a glimpse into your journey together.
  • Brunch on the go: For a more casual or tight-schedule affair, consider a brunch picnic. Hand out gourmet brunch boxes as guests depart, so they can enjoy a lovely meal at their leisure or during their journey home.
  • DIY coffee bar: Coffee is essential at brunch. A DIY coffee bar with various coffees, teas, syrups, and toppings lets guests craft their perfect cup.
  • Photo booth fun: Set up a photo booth with props related to your brunch theme. It’s a great way for guests to capture memories and for you to get some fun, candid shots of everyone.
  • Recovery kits: Offer small « recovery kits » as favours, including items like aspirin, water bottles, and snacks. It’s a thoughtful gesture that acknowledges the festivities from the night before.
  • Farewell toasts: End the brunch with a special toast from the newlyweds, thanking everyone for their presence and love. It’s a personal touch that brings closure to the wedding celebrations.

A post-wedding brunch is a beautiful way to extend the celebration of your union and to thank your guests for their support and love. With thoughtful planning and attention to etiquette, it can be a memorable event that enhances the overall wedding experience. By focusing on the relaxed and joyful gathering of friends and family, you ensure that your wedding festivities conclude on a high note, leaving everyone with cherished memories.


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