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Financing your European castle wedding (yes, it’s possible)

A European castle wedding epitomises a timeless romance that many couples dream of. The allure of exchanging vows within the ancient halls where history whispers through the stone, surrounded by verdant landscapes, is undeniably enchanting. Celebrities too have been smitten by this old-world charm. For instance, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes chose the majestic Odescalchi Castle in Italy for their grand affair, while David and Victoria Beckham’s royal-esque wedding took place at the Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland. However, behind the scenes of these seemingly effortless celebrations lies meticulous financial planning. This article unravels various strategies to judiciously finance your dream of a fairytale castle wedding in Europe, ensuring it remains a joyous occasion rather than a financial strain.

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Is it possible to rent a castle for your wedding?

Absolutely! Europe is a treasure trove of historical and majestic castles, each with its own unique charm and story. These castles are not just remnants of a bygone era, but many have embraced the modern trend of hosting weddings. Countries like France, Italy, Ireland, and the UK boast a rich array of castles available for such grand celebrations.

Known as the land of Chateaux, France offers an extensive range of castles for wedding ceremonies. The country’s picturesque countryside and vineyard regions like Loire Valley and Burgundy are home to some of the most beautiful castles where you can exchange vows. An example ? Chateau Les Carrasses near Narbonne in Occitania: This chateau has a real WOW factor with its stunning architecture and vineyards surrounding it.

Italy’s historic castles are an epitome of romance and grandeur. Regions like Tuscany and Lombardy offer spectacular castles, with captivating views of the Italian countryside and lakes. Have a look : This 16th-century Celsa castle with an Italian garden and a park designed by Baldassarre Peruzzi is perfect for an unforgettable wedding​.

Ireland, often referred to as the Emerald Isle, has a rich heritage of ancient castles. Counties like Galway and Cork offer a variety of castle venues set against lush green landscapes.

The UK’s vast history is encapsulated in its numerous castles, many of which are available for wedding hire. Whether it’s the rugged beauty of Scottish castles or the regal elegance of English estates, there’s a perfect castle for every couple.

While I do not have exact numbers of available castles per country, the abundance and variety are evident. Each of these countries has a different ambiance and style of castles, catering to a myriad of preferences and themes.

Budgeting for your dream castle wedding

Planning a castle wedding requires meticulous financial planning. The first step is to determine an initial budget, considering costs like venue booking, catering, decoration, photography, and transportation. Researching and understanding the average costs involved in a castle wedding in your chosen European country is crucial. For instance, booking a castle in France can cost anywhere from €5,000 to over €15,000 for a day.

Prioritising is key when budgeting for a castle wedding. Allocating funds based on what aspects of the wedding are most important to you can help manage costs. For example, if the castle venue is your non-negotiable, you might consider cutting costs on other elements like floral arrangements or invitations. It’s also advisable to explore package deals that some castles offer, bundling several services together at a discounted rate, which can be a more cost-effective option.

Some strategies to finance your European castle wedding

Of course, in this case, savings play a pivotal role; hence, starting an exclusive wedding fund where a portion of your income is saved monthly can be beneficial.

The choice of the castle can also significantly impact costs. For instance, opting for venues like Castello di Roccascalegna in Italy, which is offered at around $114 per night, can embody the dream of a castle wedding without a hefty price tag. Moreover, some castles offer wedding packages bundling various services, potentially offering a more cost-effective solution.

Personal loans emerge as a viable option for those wary of credit card debts. They offer a lump sum amount, which can be repaid in fixed monthly instalments, providing a structured repayment plan. However, the interest rates can vary, hence shopping around for the best rates is advisable.

In the modern digital age, crowdfunding has garnered popularity. Platforms like GoFundMe allow couples to create a campaign, inviting friends and family to contribute towards the wedding costs. It’s a modern twist to traditional gift-giving, yet there’s no guarantee of reaching the desired amount.

Additionally, negotiating prices with vendors or opting for packages can lead to substantial savings. Booking during the off-peak season or weekdays can also result in lower costs, making your dream castle wedding in Europe more financially accessible.

Indeed, financing a European castle wedding requires meticulous planning and a blend of traditional and creative strategies. By understanding your budget, exploring various financing options, and being savvy with your choices, making your dream of a fairytale castle wedding a reality is absolutely possible.


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