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Popular first dance songs and their significance in European countries

Hey there, fellow lovebirds and music enthusiasts! Let’s chat about something that’s a big deal at almost every wedding: the first dance. Now, this isn’t just any ordinary shuffle around the dance floor. Oh no, it’s the magical moment when couples in Europe and beyond take those first steps as newly-weds, usually with a song that has everyone reaching for the tissues.

Choosing this song can be a bit of a head-scratcher. Do you go with a chart-topper, something classic, or maybe a tune that’s so quirky it becomes unforgettable? From the romantic streets of Paris to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean, every couple has a song that feels just right for them. In this article, we’re diving into some of the most popular first dance songs across Europe and the significance behind them.

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⚠️ Disclaimer: Please note that the songs listed are popular choices and, while sometimes perceived as cliché, continue to be beloved by many couples for their first dance. It’s important to remember that there is a wide array of more modern and unconventional songs also available, offering endless possibilities to personalize your special moment.

  • France: « La Vie en Rose » by Édith Piaf (🔊 listen here) For French couples, the quintessential choice often falls on Édith Piaf’s « La Vie en Rose. » This song, whose title translates to ‘Life in Pink,’ is the epitome of French romance. Its melody, tender and timeless, along with Piaf’s iconic voice, paints a picture of love seen through rose-coloured glasses. The song’s lyrics, which speak of a world transformed by love, resonate deeply with couples who wish to encapsulate the enchantment and elegance of French love in their first dance.
  • Italy: « Con Te Partirò » by Andrea Bocelli (🔊 listen here) In Italy, Andrea Bocelli’s « Con Te Partirò » holds a special place in the realm of love songs. Known internationally as « Time to Say Goodbye, » this song is imbued with the passion and drama characteristic of Italian romance. Its sweeping orchestration and Bocelli’s powerful tenor voice create a sense of grandeur and timeless beauty, making it a beloved choice for couples seeking a song that speaks of love as an epic journey.
  • Spain: « Bailando » by Enrique Iglesias (🔊 listen here) Spanish weddings often reverberate with the rhythms of « Bailando » by Enrique Iglesias. This song, meaning ‘Dancing,’ brings to the fore the vibrant and lively essence of Spanish culture. Its upbeat tempo and catchy lyrics invite a celebration of love that’s both joyous and spirited. Perfect for couples who want to infuse their first dance with a sense of fun and energy, « Bailando » captures the heart of a Spanish romance that’s all about living and loving passionately.
  • United Kingdom: « Your Song » by Elton John (🔊 listen here) Among British couples, Elton John’s « Your Song » is a perennial favourite. This classic ballad, with its simple yet heartfelt lyrics, has a way of creating an intimate atmosphere even in grand settings. The song’s gentle melody and sincere words reflect a quintessentially British sense of modesty and depth. It’s chosen by couples who seek to express their love in a way that is both understated and deeply moving, making their first dance a moment of true emotional connection.
  • Ireland: « The Book of Love » by Gavin James (🔊 listen here) In Ireland, a popular choice for the first dance is « The Book of Love » by the Irish singer-songwriter Gavin James. This song, with its poignant lyrics and gentle acoustic melody, captures the heartfelt and soulful spirit of Irish music. It’s a modern classic that resonates with many Irish couples for its ability to articulate the profound yet simple nature of love, making it a poignant choice for a first dance.
  • Germany: « Atemlos durch die Nacht » by Helene Fischer (🔊 listen here) For many German couples, « Atemlos durch die Nacht » by Helene Fischer is a top choice for their first dance. This song, which translates to ‘Breathless Through the Night’, is a lively and upbeat track that reflects the joy and celebration of love. Known for its catchy tune and Fischer’s powerful vocals, it embodies a sense of happiness and exuberance, aligning well with the festive atmosphere of German weddings.
  • Greece: « S’agapo » by Giannis Ploutarhos (🔊 listen here) In Greece, « S’agapo » (I Love You) by Giannis Ploutarhos is often selected for the first dance. This beautiful ballad, with its melodious and heartfelt lyrics, is deeply rooted in the Greek tradition of romantic music. The song’s blend of modern and traditional elements appeals to contemporary Greek couples, offering a perfect backdrop for a dance that symbolizes love and commitment, steeped in the rich cultural heritage of Greece.
  • Netherlands: « Mag Ik Dan Bij Jou » by Claudia de Breij (🔊 listen here) This Dutch song’s title translates to « Can I Be With You ». It’s a beautifully crafted ballad, known for its touching lyrics that speak of seeking refuge and comfort in a loved one. The song has become a staple at Dutch weddings for its emotive melody and the sense of safety and belonging it evokes, perfectly encapsulating the essence of a lifelong partnership.
  • Belgium: « Je l’aime à mourir » by Francis Cabrel (🔊 listen here) This French song, popular in Belgium, translates to « I Love Her to Death ». It’s a poetic and deeply romantic ballad, known for its lyrical beauty and gentle acoustic guitar. The song resonates with couples for its portrayal of all-consuming love and lifelong devotion, making it a timeless choice for a first dance.
  • Portugal: « O Melhor de Mim » by Mariza (🔊 listen here) « The Best of Me », as the title translates, is a soulful Fado song that captures the essence of Portuguese musical tradition. Mariza’s powerful voice and the emotional depth of the lyrics make it a compelling choice for couples, symbolizing giving one’s all to the person they love.
  • Poland: « Dziwny jest ten świat » by Czesław Niemen (🔊 listen here) This iconic Polish song’s title means « Strange is this world ». It’s known for its profound and reflective lyrics. The song, with its soulful melody and deep emotional resonance, is a classic choice for couples who want to highlight the depth and meaningfulness of their union.
  • Romania: « Dragoste la prima vedere » by Ilie Micolov (🔊 listen here) In English, this Romanian hit is titled « Love at First Sight ». It’s a romantic ballad that captures the magical feeling of falling in love instantly. Its melodious tune and heartfelt lyrics make it a popular choice for a romantic and memorable first dance.
  • Czech Republic: « Zůstaň tu se mnou » by Kryštof (🔊 listen here) Translating to « Stay Here With Me », this Czech song by Marek Ztracený is favored for its romantic and melodious tune. The lyrics speak of a desire for lasting togetherness, making it a meaningful choice for couples. It reflects a commitment to enduring love and the importance of companionship, aligning well with the sentiments often felt on a wedding day.
  • Hungary: « Gyöngyhajú lány » by Omega (🔊 listen here) This song, known as « The Girl with Pearls in Her Hair » in English, is a classic rock anthem by the legendary Hungarian band Omega. Its nostalgic and powerful melody, combined with poetic lyrics, makes it a popular choice among couples. It symbolizes a deep, enduring connection, evoking emotions of longing and deep affection, fitting for a momentous occasion like a wedding.

Top 10 contemporary first dance songs for modern European weddings

In recent years, European couples, regardless of the country, often opt for more modern songs for their first dance. These songs tend to reflect contemporary tastes and may resonate more with their personal stories or musical preferences. Here’s a list of some popular modern first dance songs that have been favored by couples across Europe:

  • Ed Sheeran – « Perfect« : A modern classic that has become a staple at weddings for its romantic and heartfelt lyrics​​.
  • John Legend – « All Of Me »: Another contemporary favorite, known for its soulful melody and touching lyrics​​.
  • Elvis Presley – « Can’t Help Falling In Love »: A timeless classic that continues to be a popular choice for its romantic and nostalgic feel​​.
  • Jason Mraz – « I’m Yours« : A light-hearted and joyful song that’s often chosen for its upbeat and positive vibe​​.
  • Adele – « Make You Feel My Love« : Known for its emotional depth and powerful vocals, this song is a frequent pick for a more soulful first dance​​.
  • Bruno Mars – « Marry You« : This song brings a youthful exuberance and fun spirit to the first dance, making it a popular choice for couples looking for a lively start to their celebration​​.
  • Justin Timberlake – « Mirrors« : A contemporary choice with a strong rhythm, ideal for couples looking for a modern song with deep lyrics​​.
  • Elton John – « Your Song »: A classic ballad that has been a longstanding favorite for its simple yet profound message of love​​.
  • The Beatles – « Something« : Written by George Harrison, this song is often selected for its timeless melody and romantic lyrics​​.
  • Labi Siffre – « It Must Be Love »: A more upbeat and jaunty number that celebrates love in a cheerful and light-hearted manner​​.

In conclusion, the selection of a first dance song is a deeply personal and culturally rich decision for couples across Europe. Each country offers its own unique musical expression of love and commitment, from the timeless elegance of French ballads to the passionate Italian melodies, the lively Spanish rhythms to the classic charm of British tunes. These songs not only set the tone for the wedding but also symbolize the diverse and beautiful ways in which love is celebrated across different cultures.


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